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In 2008, Survive Law was just a wild idea scribbled on a scrap of Equity Law notes. From humble beginnings and seed funding from UTS:Law, we're now Australia’s leading community of law students online, with 50,000+ visitors every month, matched by an active and burgeoning social media conversation via Facebook and Twitter.

Survive Law acquired this small piece of the Internet ‘on just terms’ (s51(xxxi) Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act) and dedicated it to guiding you through the ups and downs of law school life – with a dash of good humour, cynical bites and general irreverence.

Here you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks to survive those never-ending readings, obfuscating essay questions, killer exams and assessments, plus discussions of mental health and well-being, unorthodox and straight-shooting careers in law, and those all important ongoing odes to highlighters, coloured tabs, textbook burning and coffee to flow black through your veins.

You won’t find this sort of advice in a textbook.

Right, so who is ‘we’?

Survive Law is a team of more than 25 Australian law students, graduates and self-confessed nerdy mcnerds on a wild and terrifying adventure into the unknown lands of law school and legal careers.


Annabel is a freelance writer and Journalism graduate. She is completing her double in Law and Criminology with a minor in Modern History at Murdoch. She felt an inclination to study Law after she decided that Journalism didn’t involve enough sitting. Annabel’s first and deepest love is music and she tries to go to as many gigs as possible. She also enjoys whisky, pizza, crying and sleep. In that order.


Bianca is a final year Bachelor of Laws/Criminology student at Deakin University. She is excited to become admitted to practice in 2017 after five long years of study. In her spare time, Bianca can be found horse riding and baking tasty study snacks.


I am on the eve of graduating after 6 years of BA(communications)/LLB from University of Western Australia and studying at the College of Law to be proper and fit and all the jazz. I enjoy being creative and volunteering at all levels especially at the CLC I'm placed at! I strongly believe that coffee and banana bread are soul mates and oh yeah...I still haven't watched suits... 

Elizabeth A

Elizabeth graduated from the University of Adelaide with degrees in law and economics at the end of 2015. She now works as a public policy analyst, although retains a keen interest in all things law related. She is also a master of procrastination and multitasking - an interesting combination during busy times.


I am a fifth year Law/Journalism student at the University of Queensland. I am a self-confessed nerd and feel most comfortable around my textbooks and my Mac (couldn’t get much more stereotypical if I tried, really…). Since I began University, the most important things I’ve learned are that if you enrol in an 8am lecture, you’re pretty much never going to go, and that ‘torts’ and ‘tortes’ are two VERY different things… who knew?  


Eric is in his third year of an Arts (History)/Law degree at the University of Sydney. You can probably find him around the law building organising a social for the law society, rehearsing for law revue, or gossiping loudly in a hallway. 


Isabelle is an Arts Law student in her penultimate year at the University of Tasmania. In her free time, Isabelle works at the University of Tasmania, volunteers with the Public Interest International Law Initiative and dreams about university holidays where you can find her anywhere outdoors in the sun. Isabelle is at the stage in her degree where she is realising that law students actually do graduate from university, and is still deciding what path to pursue after graduation. Until then, she will continue to try anything and everything that comes her way!


Jasmin is... too many years into a combined Commerce/Law degree at Monash University. She developed an interest in the law after having accidentally borrowed and read a Family Law Act 1975 (Vic) explanatory handbook from the library in her youth. Her hobbies include eavesdropping in the law library, pretending to read all of the cases on the reading guide and dropping law-related puns into general conversation.


Jess is a penultimate year LLB student at Deakin University. She has a fondness for writing, coffee and chocolate. She undertakes a variety of work experience and extra curricular activities and looks forward to practicing law in the coming years.

Laura B

Laura B is a final year student at Deakin University and can generally be found in the library; probably building a pillow fort and surrounded by textbooks and empty coffee cups. She also holds a B.A in Literary Studies and can quote Shakespeare's fiery sass almost as much as Kirby's. Once, Stephen Fry gave her a packet of Tim Tams and it was awesome.


Nicholas is proof that you can survive. As a Senior Associate in a boutique Melbourne firm, Nicholas completed his qualifications with off campus USQ while still working full time. As a result, he's a great lawyer, a coffee addict and still rebuilding his social life. Nicholas continues to write for Survive Law because he understands that at times it can be tough and believes everyone should be a survivor.


Nick is in his third year of an arts/law degree at Deakin University. He enjoys time travel, witnessing paranormal phenomena, and lying to people... He undertakes a variety of legal internships and volunteer positions while studying. On completion of his degree hopes to obtain a graduate position and be administered to practice. Additionally, and he didn't tell us to say this, he's legitimately amazing. Well done Nick!


Prini is a second-year law student at Griffith University. Still at the beginning stages of her studies, she is enjoying uni life and is looking forward to what the future holds believing that the best is yet to come. Her favourite quote is "work until you no longer have to introduce yourself".


Ramisa is a law student at the Queensland University of Technology. When she is not containing an irrepressible love for rabbits and Oscar Wilde, she loves talking to people over cups of bubble tea.


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