Jul 2015

High-flying company executives are not the only ones who get to travel abroad as part of their careers. Law offers numerous opportunities to satisfy your travel bug while working or studying, whether on a short- or long-term basis. The trick to getting your frequent flyer points up is knowing where to look – and knowing what you want to experience.

So whether you want a two-week trip with a legal flavour, or you’re looking for something more permanent, here are some different opportunities that you should keep your eyes open for.

Jun 2015

It was once the case that law students had the luxury of choosing between numerous firms, now each firm has its choice of hundreds of students. Although this recent shift in the job market can be rather depressing, do not despair, for there are dozens of other employers out there who are just as chuffed about you having a law degree as your Grandma is.

Jun 2015

No one likes that guy who casually name-drops that his father/ mother/ great aunt Agnes is/was a barrister/ lawyer/ High Court judge/ leader of the free world.

No doubt that we’d all like to be that guy too.

But no matter how hard it appears, it’s still possible to network even if your parents have nothing to do with law and are instead artistic and not so secretly disappointed that you didn’t follow their career into pottery. (In my case, a former architect who was disappointed to learn that I can’t draw).

What’s needed is resourcefulness, a knack for small talk about things other than the weather, and shedding any kind of embarrassment about talking with strangers.

Apr 2015

Most law students would be familiar with law firm titles like ‘partner’ and ‘senior associate’, but the role of special counsel is less well known. Other than frequently being confused with “Senior Counsel”, what is does a being special counsel involve?

Andrew Crockett, special counsel at Whittens & McKeough, sheds some light on this intriguingly titled position and offers some perspectives on life as a lawyer.


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