Jun 2015

No one likes that guy who casually name-drops that his father/ mother/ great aunt Agnes is/was a barrister/ lawyer/ High Court judge/ leader of the free world.

No doubt that we’d all like to be that guy too.

But no matter how hard it appears, it’s still possible to network even if your parents have nothing to do with law and are instead artistic and not so secretly disappointed that you didn’t follow their career into pottery. (In my case, a former architect who was disappointed to learn that I can’t draw).

What’s needed is resourcefulness, a knack for small talk about things other than the weather, and shedding any kind of embarrassment about talking with strangers.

Apr 2015

Most law students would be familiar with law firm titles like ‘partner’ and ‘senior associate’, but the role of special counsel is less well known. Other than frequently being confused with “Senior Counsel”, what is does a being special counsel involve?

Andrew Crockett, special counsel at Whittens & McKeough, sheds some light on this intriguingly titled position and offers some perspectives on life as a lawyer.

Apr 2015

By the time you reach your mid-30s (as I have) you know that 80 percent of job opportunities are not advertised. Having recently been accepted into a juris doctor course, I questioned whether I really wanted to spend another four years at university busting my backside to be admitted to such a demanding profession.

The answer was yes, and I then reverted to a high school mentality and told myself, “well then, you need yourself some work experience, girlfriend!”

Feb 2015

We all know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when you walk into a job interview, your interviewer will form an impression of you based on what you are wearing.

In finding the candidate that is best suited for the role that you have applied for, the interviewer will take your appearance into account. After all, if you couldn’t take an extra five mins that morning to iron your shirt and polish your shoes, are you someone they want to hand all the responsibilities of that role to? Perhaps not.


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