Mar 2016

It was just another ordinary Friday; I was at the supermarket taking a break from the overwhelming array of cheeses in the dairy aisle when I bumped into what could only be described as a barrister.  I was in disbelief at this rare occurrence, but not only that, I was all of a sudden in the middle of a conversation with them.  Then out of the blue, and I tell you, you wouldn’t believe this if you were there…

Feb 2016

Everyone knows that coming back to law school is about making new friends, starting afresh with your organisation goals and (actually) attending classes this year. So I didn't write that list. I'm sure you'll read it elsewhere on whatever law school or student blog is trending these days. What I did write is a list of studying tactics, taken from the process of trial and error that was my first year of post-grad law. 


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