Feb 2016

So it’s that time of year where we sit and think about who we are, what we did last year and what we can do to become better people this year. I know it's tempting to just continue to be that wonderful arsehole for another year, but we can’t. New Years Resolutions are part and parcel starting the year afresh so to save you the struggle of devising some for yourself, I've gone ahead and helped you out. 

Jan 2016

It is 8:44am. I sit in my car and take in my surroundings as 9:00am slowly approaches. I watch as a various assortment of people arrive, park their cars, and make their way down to the court.

My first observation is of a white station wagon which parks opposite to me. The doors open, and a typical picture book family - mother, father, and two young children - get out. The girls look unsettled, and the parents both look anxious. I feel incredibly sympathetic for this family. I don’t know what their matter concerns, but nevertheless it didn't sit well to see a family in that kind of distress. 

Dec 2015

We are constantly being told how important networking is. So, you get invited to a networking function and you feel somewhat obliged to go. Your new acquaintances await you. Your first thoughts are, ‘here comes an awkward conversation’ (well, it’s bound to happen at least once).  Not long after you state, ‘I’m a law student!’ the conversation seems to stifle because neither of you know what to say next. How do you combat that? 

Nov 2015

We all know technology has the ability to completely change the way we carry out tasks, but is it more trouble than it’s worth?

With technology beginning to take over, it’s a question of whether to embrace it, or continue without. While we all know that going paperless can speed up tasks, particularly where administration is concerned, there are a number of concerns that are raised in the ongoing use of technology. The legal profession in particular has more than usual to account for, with the use of technology beginning to replace confidential files, and even written contracts in some cases. So while technology is quick and easy to use, what are some of the major concerns targeting legal practitioners specifically?


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