Nov 2016

While most of us were flailing our way through Foundations of Law at 18-years-old, Jozef Borja-Erece was busy becoming the youngest person to graduate from the University of Southern Queensland when he graduated with a law degree. His Wikipedia page names him as the ‘youngest solicitor in the Southern Hemisphere and the youngest law graduate in Australian history.’ Those aren’t the only titles Jozef claims as the ‘youngest’. At the age of 13, he also became the youngest taekwondo instructor in New Zealand. #Overachiever.

Nov 2016

If you're a real law student then you probably have feelings about stationary that the non-law student might find concerning. Don't listen to them, they don't have their priorities straight. Normally, stationery purchases are simple: Buy. It. All. But when it comes to annual planners, that approach simply won't do. The sheer commitment involved makes me sweat. A year. A whole year. That's two semesters (for most of us) and one if not two employers #milennials. 


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