Jan 2012

Billy Flynn, an unbeatable defence lawyer from 1920s Chicago is the Hollywood lawyer. Men want to be him, ladies want to date him, and criminals want to pay him. Let’s face it, we all at some point wanted to be that lawyer: successful, charming, witty and extravagantly awesome in the courtroom.

So what can we learn from Billy Flynn about convincing a courtroom?

Dec 2011

It’s post-exam hangover season and you’re wondering what is the best way to temporarily melt your minds into lovely, contracts-trusts-property-free mush. If you’re anything like me, this dangerous season brings with it the joys and unspoken evils of daytime television.

As wonderfully disgusting as these shows are, in my view, there is only one black-robed alpha-female who rules the afternoon roost – Judge Judith Sheindlin, complete with trusty sidekick, the seemingly Confucius-like Byrd.

Sep 2011

Some days this degree makes us feel a bit cynical, but that’s normal. But as cynical as law students get, none can surpass the master, Ambrose Bierce, whose Devil’s Dictionary (perhaps the most cynical book ever written) has some very cheeky things to say about the law!

Here are our favourite cutting comments...


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