Mar 2014

Legal writing can be baffling for first year law students. It’s almost like learning a new language! But trying to write like a lawyer does not mean you should start smattering your essays with ‘hereins’ and ‘whereas-es’. If anything, using lawyerly words like these can confuse your reader, chew up your word count and lose you marks. Effective Legal Writing: A Practical Guide is a useful introductory text that sets out the dos and don’ts of legal writing for baby lawyers.

Feb 2014

Studying law is like moulding your mind into new shape. It’s now warped, and sees the world in a different way. Years of torts, land law, criminal, public, trusts, and equity all day, work to create a new person. You now see in Matrix code – it’s like ‘You 2.0’.

Now you know how to argue the parking ticket. You also know exactly what level of consumer guarantee you’re getting when the shopkeeper says “it’ll last a long time”, you’ll trawl databases for cases analogous to your tenancy disputes and even (try to) tell your drunk friends all about whether they have requisite mens rea for doing whatever stupid act they’re about to do.

But relationships aren’t like that. Here are a few things I’ve noticed about approaching relationships from a law perspective…


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