Jan 2014

I became a massive fan of Suits when I was still in high school. Fast forward a year, I was recommending it to all my law school friends and watching as each of them became hooked. There is something about watching Harvey Specter that gives law students motivation and the hope that one day they will be replicating his badass approach to practising law.

Suits also teaches us law students much more than simply how to be cool and suave when your back is against the wall. Here are three things I’ve learnt from Suits… 


Jan 2014

Congratulations fellow Survivors, we’ve made it to a new year! As you all know, the best thing about a new year is creating New Year’s resolutions; getting the opportunity to start afresh, set things right and achieve the goals that we struggled to achieve the year before.

Here are four big New Year’s resolutions that every law student should strive to achieve this year…

Oct 2013

In Rebel Wilson’s latest starring role on the sitcom Super Fun Night, the real life law graduate plays an uptight lawyer who adopts a new lease on life and vows to have ‘fun.’ Her character has been surrounded with words such as ‘loserly’ and ‘bland’; traits resultant of the perpetuation of the classic lawyer stereotype.

For every Erin Brockovich-esque renegade there is to debunk these classic lawyerly behavioral stereotypes, there is a smug George Clooney ‘spin doctoring’ his way to the top in Michael Clayton and a power obsessed Harvey Dent in the Batman series.


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