Dec 2016

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The reign of Netflix has brought a distinct breath of fresh air to my legal studies. I've been blessed with a variety of television shows that have allowed me to see real insights into life as a lawyer – albeit the occasional episode is slightly embellished.

Sep 2016

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The weekend is an elusive creature for law students. It's over before it even begins but it starts just in time for your motivation to leave the building and for the new season of Suits to be released on Netflix. These are just four of the ways you might spend your weekend while you're a law student.

May 2016

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We law students love an obscure case… For many, an injection of humour results in greater comprehension of legal principles and court decisions. In my Media and Communications Law elective this semester, we covered the topics of criminal and civil contempt. Whilst not denying that contempt of court is a serious issue, as an act that undermines public confidence in the judicial system, I thought I’d share with you some of the more amusing facts, as extreme examples of what not to do when you next visit court…

May 2016

At the time of the OJ Simpson trial, I was probably learning to walk and understand words like ‘juice’, ‘glove’ and maybe ‘murder’ given that I was one of identical twins entering the terrible twos.

May 2016

In memoriam of Prince, Survive Law has taken a brief look into the legal legacy left by the flamboyant performer.

Apparently, his Royal Purpleness was just as experienced in law as he was in the entertainment industry, with The Hollywood Reporter claiming that Prince’s “legal skirmishes are nearly as legendary as the music”.


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