Aug 2017

family law 6th edition

“I have a dream, that one day, all textbooks will be created equal”

- Not Martin Luther King

Textbooks are as much a part of student life as being overtired, broke or hung-over (and sometimes all at once). Each semester we can spend an inordinate amount of money in the hopes that somewhere in those books is the key to a high distinction. Sometimes a textbook can be an incredibly useful study aide, sometimes it can help you learn the entire course at the end of the semester. But sometimes they aren’t any help at all and you wish someone else had taken the time to tell sort through it all. Well, have no fear! Behold my (inaugural) book review for Family Law.

Jul 2017

Law school can be overwhelming. To alleviate the chaos, there are some subscriptions that will save you time, money and make law student life that little bit easier. Additionally, your newfound knowledge will give you some serious dinner conversation cred.

Feb 2017


“The holidays went too quick.”

“I didn’t catch up on sleep enough.”

“I worked heaps but saved very little.”

I hear you. As much as we’d like to prolong our holidays as much as possible, it’s better to get into the habit of study before the semester starts, rather than procrastinating until something is due. Here a few ways to get back into it for the New Year:


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