Feb 2016

More law students are opting towards doing double degrees these days and there are several reasons for this. If you’re currently studying a single law degree, or of studying a single law degree or you’re doing a double degree and thinking about continuing with just law, then keep reading! This post will focus on how to make the most of your straight law degree.

Nov 2015

Is it nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous readings or forgo that sea of troubles for a few carefree months in the sunshine? 

How do you decide whether summer school is for you? Although it’s great for us to ‘shuffle off the mortal coil’ of law school (at least for a few months) and enjoy some much-needed personal TLC, summer school also offers some fantastic benefits and flexibility for your enrolment. 

Nov 2015

The law exam problem question is a necessary evil. These questions always involve a factual circumstance where you’re required to advise one of the characters in the question applying what you have learnt in the semester.

It sounds daunting, especially to the first or second year student. However, with some preparation you make answering the questions somewhat easier.

Oct 2015

Law students should be sponsored by Apple considering the number of Macbooks you’ll find in any given lecture. The sound of the lecturer’s voice is commonly accompanied by the sound of multiple fingers hurriedly typing and yet, studies show that students retain more information if they use the traditional pen-and-paper method as opposed to a laptop. So how should we really be studying?

Sep 2015

Exams are approaching and romance is the in the air. From the time travelling affairs of past notes to the new friends you've met in this semesters tutorials, there are so many opportunities at law school to find your study soulmate. But how do you know if you have found the one? Here are seven old and new romantic comedies and their lessons in finding true (study) love.

Mar 2015

“Being a good law student is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the Internet.” Okay, so I’ve adapted a quote that was originally about writers, but I think it’s also true for law students.

Procrastination, aka “I’ll just quickly check to see if anyone has said something about the property law essay on Facebook”, is where all of the time that could be used for looking up a few more journal articles or reading the minority judgment actually gets spent. 

To stop procrastinating, you could follow the lead of one blogger from San Francisco who increased his productivity by hiring someone to watch him work and slap him when he logged onto Facebook… but maybe don’t do that.

Here are some techniques to help you stop procrastinating and clear your to do list…


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