Sep 2010

Maybe it's because law lecturers read too many convoluted judgments, but chances are you’re going to come across a few tricky assignment questions during your time at uni.

Sometimes they’re not tough because of the level of analysis that is expected, but because you’re not even sure what the assignment is asking. The question may as well be written in hieroglyphs for all the sense you can make of it. Here are some tips for deciphering your assignment question…

Aug 2010

The thing about many Practical Legal Training assignments is that they seem so straightforward. On the face of it, everything looks so simple and you think that it will take no time at all. You put it off all semester and then all of a sudden you’re on a self-inflicted law student boot camp.

In between writing file notes about conversations with fake clients and pretend real estate agents you’re busy hating yourself. Having survived three practice file assessments (some of them very last minute), I thought I’d share some of my tips for making the experience less painful.

Jun 2010

When the semester is over and that tatty old plastic sleeve you use as your exam pencil case gets stuffed away, what do you do with those textbooks? Do you sell them or do you keep them? Or do you try building a 'book fort' in your bedroom?


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