Feb 2015

The course structure for a law degree sometimes seems like a strategy board taken straight from the most confidential vault at the Pentagon. 

It’s not uncommon to see people, including myself, in the law library perfecting their course map for the 378th time. How many units can I stretch myself to do in a semester? How long can I make my degree? Should I keep a first year arts unit up my sleeve?

While there are no set answers, here are a few suggestions that may help you down the track…

Nov 2014

An excruciatingly hefty proportion of your law degree depends on your skills of statutory interpretation. It is this skill you should feel most determined to harvest and hack at whenever you can.

Only now that I’ve landed a job in law where I receive requests for the definition of ‘indictment’ on a daily basis, have I comprehended the true majesty of flawless interpretation.

Although all universities offering law have an obligation to show you the ropes of statutory interpretation, it is imperative that you keep the following tips in the back of your noggin when you’re dealing with that unholy kerfuffle of numbers and alien speak.

Oct 2014

Trying out witness examination for the first time can be intimidating. You're there to either make or break the witness, with only your skills, case theory, and wit. As Walter Sofronoff QC wrote, it is "a species of unarmed combat"; it's raw advocacy at its most exhilarating.

You can spend years learning witness examination properly, but it's always good to start with some of the fundamentals. Here are my top tips to set you on your way...

Aug 2014

Reflective assignments: you either love them or loathe them. I fall into the second category. When I received my first reflective assignment, I couldn’t help but wonder if the law school had gone crazy. Was I really going to receive marks for talking about my feelings? The thought kind of made me shudder.

Having recently survived three reflective journal assignments, here are some tips for you other non-reflecting types to get you through!

Jun 2014

When exam panic sets in, you might find yourself feeling a bit uncertain about how you should study or what you should do in the actual test. Here are some dos and don’ts to help make this exam season a less stressful one…

May 2014

It is my personal opinion that going through law school is impossible without our baby lawyer companions by our side. I find nothing more daunting than the prospect of tackling a convoluted administrative law problem question or determining what on earth jurisdictional error is without talking it through with a friend.

That's why study groups are the up there on my list of law school loves, along with chai, blankets and kebabs. Not only do study groups give you a great way of realising that you're not alone in the battle of our law degrees, they also keep you motivated, less stressed and most importantly, inject a little fun into our long, sleep deprived days.

I've come to realise there are a couple of things that can make or break study groups, which I will now call "The 5 Commandments of Study Groups".


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