Aug 2015

Advocacy can sometimes be seen as the arch enemy: we know we have to do it, but public speaking, especially speaking before a distinguished member of the legal profession, can be quite daunting.

I practice in criminal law so advocacy is a big part of my job description. I had a lot to learn in my first months on the job, and I had to learn fast. It takes time and a lot of practice, but these days I feel far more confident about standing up in the courtroom.

Here are my tips for improving your advocacy abilities and gaining confidence in the courtroom…

Jun 2015

Whether it’s obsessively checking comma placement in assignment footnotes or creating the ideal colour-coding system for highlighting textbooks, law students can be pretty perfectionistic. This trait normally serves us well, but can have its drawbacks around exam time.

The exam with multiple essays can see the perfectionist law student hand in a high distinction-worthy booklet one, but the detailed analysis of minority judges’ reasoning then gives way to frantic bullet points and barely-answered questions in essays two and three.

May 2015

I’ve always wondered what life would have been like as an online learner, contemplating discussions in student forums or listening to lecturers but never actually seeing my lecturer in person. As I edged closer to finishing my law degree I reflected on ‘what might have been’ had I decided to undertake my law degree away from the social contact of other fellow law students.

So, for the benefit of on-campus law students everywhere, I decided to undertake some research and take a break from campus life and explore distance learning. Here is what I discovered…

May 2015

Do you want to attend another graduation and wear an even fancier robe? Do you want to explore more specific areas of the law than just the Priestley Eleven?  Do you want a better-paid job that’s better suited to your interests than the average graduate role? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps you should consider a master’s degree.

Mar 2015

Better technologies are driving a big push for law firms and courts to become paperless, and are also changing the way universities are teaching, with more content being offered online.

In this digital age, can a paperless study system really work for law subjects?

Ultimately, I’m going to say no. Well, not paperless in its purest form. There are, however, many benefits to becoming a digital law student.

If you’re planning on going paperless, here are some things to consider…

Feb 2015

The course structure for a law degree sometimes seems like a strategy board taken straight from the most confidential vault at the Pentagon. 

It’s not uncommon to see people, including myself, in the law library perfecting their course map for the 378th time. How many units can I stretch myself to do in a semester? How long can I make my degree? Should I keep a first year arts unit up my sleeve?

While there are no set answers, here are a few suggestions that may help you down the track…


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