Aug 2015

The time has come to hit our 1,429 page constitutional law textbooks or whatever weighty volume you’ve been blessed with this semester. You’ve been coasting for the first few weeks of term, but unfortunately you now have to make a proper start on those readings, notes and assignments.

While the thought may fill you with dread, I’ve got some tips that will make the transition from marathons of How I Met Your Mother to studying at least somewhat manageable.

Apr 2015

I found myself at a party one evening speaking to a friend’s dad who is a barrister. I told him of my interests and explained that someone recommended I go for the bar as soon as I was able to do so. 

He looked at me carefully, and told me the story of how it’s customary that upon the death of a barrister a notice is published about their life, and their cause of death. He then went on to tell me that a notice appeared one day in the hallway about a barrister’s passing. She was in her late 20s. He then said, “but there was no explanation for her passing”. He looked at me gravely, and I returned his gaze with unease.

Sep 2014

“Exercise? Who has time for that?”

With a long list of reading materials to get through, part-time jobs, volunteer work, and job applications, who has time to work up a sweat? However, before you toss the whole idea of exercise to the side, here are four reasons why you should include a workout in your hectic daily routine…

Sep 2014

Some of the best advice that I’ve received as a student was delivered to me in a rather surprising way. I was in a particularly poor state last semester as I was finishing off a large assignment. I sat practically drooling in front of my computer shifting through cases and trying to reach that ever distant word count.

I hadn’t been sleeping, eating or being human properly for the past few days in my attempt to focus all my attention to the assignment. I suspect my father had quite a shock when he entered my room to discover I had transformed into a zombie and had managed to collect all the coffee mugs in the house.

Instead of yelling at me or nagging, he simple came up to me and asked, “have you heard about the Lumberjack?”.  I was slightly annoyed that he wanted to discuss a lumberjack when I was so busy with study. I turned to him and shook my head.

He then proceeded to tell me the Lumberjack Paradox...

Jul 2014

Law school attracts a uniquely wonderful group of people. Law students are typically high-achievers, but the problem with being a high-achiever is that it can make you susceptible to imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon where a person experiences feelings of inadequacy and fear that they will be exposed as a fraud. These feeling are generally not constant and can alternate with feelings of extreme confidence. As Tina Fey once explained it, "The beauty of the imposter syndrome is you vacillate between extreme egomania and a complete feeling of: 'I'm a fraud! Oh God, they're on to me! I'm a fraud!’” This can make it exceptionally difficult to understand or articulate how you feel.

Law school is the perfect breeding ground for this affliction and the disassociation that it causes can impact students’ performance and morale. So what can you do if you are experience these feelings of inadequacy?


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