Mar 2013

As a law student I often have trouble juggling my many commitments and switching between study time, family time and getting my brain in gear to go to work. Law students live hectic lives and often carry stress and pressure from one commitment to the next.

By learning to transition between our daily tasks we can make the most of everything we do without compromising on our commitments. We can do this just by having the right mindset as we go about our day.

Dr. Adam Fraser, a human performance researcher and best-selling author believes that those people who are best able to manage the pressures and demands of modern life have something in common: the effective use what he has labelled the 'third space'.

Feb 2013

Yoga, like the law, has been practiced for thousands of years. You’ve probably heard of it before and imagined super flexible types twisting themselves into impossible pretzel shapes, but yoga is so much more than that. For generations, yoga has done wonders for the minds and bodies of stressed law students and overworked lawyers.

Jan 2013

Stress is no stranger to a law student, but it’s not our best friend either. That’s why the university break is so important (and so awesome). Now is the time to be recharging our study and work batteries ahead of another busy semester. If 2012 was a stressful year, here are some tips for making sure the new academic year is kinder to you…

Oct 2014

During these frantic weeks before exams, everything that doesn’t directly relate to trying to understand hearsay or the Tasmanian Dam case goes out the window. Cooking and diet tumble down the list of priorities and your menu quickly descends into toast, two-minute noodles and anything sold by a library vending machine.

Although making the effort to eat properly may take you away from the books for a few extra minutes, it will certainly reward you with greater concentration and improved memory. Survive Law spoke to naturopath Tiffany Sharp about the best foods to fuel your brain this exam season…

Oct 2012

As exam time looms closer, anxieties in the law school community are running high. It doesn’t help that one of the common law student characteristics is our desire for control, our desire for perfection and our A type personalities.

But what if you felt completely, overwhelmingly out of control?


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