Oct 2012

As exam time looms closer, anxieties in the law school community are running high. It doesn’t help that one of the common law student characteristics is our desire for control, our desire for perfection and our A type personalities.

But what if you felt completely, overwhelmingly out of control?

Oct 2012

Regardless of whether you spent it studying or watching cat videos, the day after a late night is always a struggle. Most of the day is spent walking around in a daze, and paying attention in class is hardly a priority. If this sounds like you, it’s time for a power nap – stat!

Oct 2014

Our lecturers and tutors regularly remind us that depression and anxiety are more prevalent among law students and lawyers than in any other industry, and how our pessimistic attitudes and competitive natures leave our mental wellbeing the worse for wear. These reminders often include a list of helpful services, such as beyondblue and on-campus counseling services.

Sharing such information is vital and ‘see a doctor’ is great advice, but the journey to recovery doesn’t end there. For some, short-term medication or contact with a psychologist is enough to snap the brain out of the cycle of depression or anxiety, while others may need many months or even years and a variety of treatments to regain control of their lives.

Good mental health management is also essential to keep you on the road to recovery. Here are some of the things that have helped me minimise the impact of my illness on the rest of my life…

Aug 2012

Law school, believe it or not, is a cesspit of germs and disease. Okay, so the law library isn’t going to turn into a scene from the 1995 classic film Outbreak, but it’s pretty easy to acquire an ailment in the university environment. 

There are thousands of people on campus each day, including people who defiantly refuse to wash their dirty mitts and touch use shared computers, people who cough into the open air, etc. To eliminate the impression that I’m some kind of neurotic mess, I give you this piece of evidence: I have been sick since the beginning of the semester.

Jul 2012

I’m a law student, but I’m also “sensitive to caffeine”. Yes, you read that right. I’m a walking contradiction.

Suffering from a severe case of ‘mid-semester slump’ last year, I turned to energy drinks. It was a seemingly innocent study aid that kept me alert. But it soon turned into a relationship of dependency. I felt that I couldn’t make any progress without its assistance.

At one point, I relied on four cans of Red Bull per day. One of my friends joked that it was breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. I didn’t admit it until later, but that’s exactly what I thought.

Once I realised that I was spending the majority of my salary at the library cafe, I started buying it in bulk from the supermarket.

Jun 2012

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a significant increase in frantic late night Facebook status updates regarding exam material and premature plans for getting unapologetically drunk. And while most of these are likely just harmless displays of frustration and regret for having the organisational skills of a seven year old on a red cordial high, I just want to take a second to remind everyone that it’s important to have a balanced life. Plus, no one likes weirdo workaholics.


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