Jun 2012

The stresses of law school are most apparent in the lead up to exams. You feel run down, overwhelmed and pushed to breaking point, but you get on with it because that’s a ‘normal part’ of being a law student.

I’ve been feeling stressed for a while, and it came to a head this week. All week I’d been telling myself that it’s normal, that I’m just busy, just balancing a lot, just tired, just anything. But yesterday I did something that made me realise my levels of stress aren’t okay or normal.

Apr 2012

Law school often reminds me of the theory of natural selection - a survival of the fittest where the beneficial traits include an irrational ambition, unreserved contempt for sleep and a robo-like focus completely detached from emotion. But as a mere mortal, I often find myself wondering at the pressure we place ourselves under.

Apr 2012

The Sydney University Law Society recently hosted a panel-based discussion forum on the topic of how mental health issues amongst students, and law students in particular, may be addressed. Mental Health and Students: A Working Solution? was a funny, frank, frightening and fruitful discussion on the mental health issues faced by students from all faculties.

Apr 2012

It’s been, four weeks since I’ve exercised,

Run around the block or even mobilized,

Three weeks since I’ve used a spoon,

Don’t need manners eating alone in my room,

Two weeks munching half frozen meals,

While reading cases and high court appeals,

Yesterday was Easter vacation

But it’ll still be two days till I lose this caffeine fixation…

Apr 2012

As we approach the madness of mid-semester, most of us are wondering how to find work/life/study balance. Taking a few days off to relax will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever life (or your lecturer) throws at you. Here’s how you can have an awesomely reinvigorating power break this weekend…


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