Apr 2016

I’m back. 

After a two and a half years, I’m calling myself a Law Student once more. 

I’ve returned to the land of ‘but fors’ and double negatives; exceptions within exceptions and the excessive use of convoluted language and compound words such as ‘notwithstanding’, ‘indefeasibility’ and ‘involuntariness’.

Jan 2016

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news that Law is the new Arts. As Law students we are all doomed to walk the Earth aimlessly with our useless degrees.  Surely we didn’t really think we were going to be lawyers, right? At this point it seems best not to leave the house, unless you want to be subjected to some sort of public humiliation.

What’s worse about this whole situation is that we are actually helping those pesky Arts students; “thank goodness they’ve drawn attention away from my degree,” they’re saying.

Dec 2015

During law school, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to learn about complex areas of law, perfecting clerkship applications, participating in extra-curricular activities and cramming for exams. As law students, we tend to possess Type A personalities and perfectionist tendencies, meaning that it can be very easy to lose perspective. 

Oct 2015

It’s that time of the semester where things are starting to get a bit too much. Exams are only a few weeks away and you’ve still got a whole heap of things to tick off your to-do list. You’re pushing yourself to keep going but what you really want to do is curl up into a foetal position and slowly rock back and forth until it’s all over. Here are some signs to look out for if you feel like you’re starting to burn out. 

Oct 2015

‘It’s too difficult’. ‘I’m not smart enough’. ‘Everybody hates me’. ‘I’m so lazy’. ‘There’s no point’.  

 Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? Psychologists call these types of thoughts automatic negative thoughts (ANTs). Nearly everyone will experience them and they’ll generally be fairly harmless. However, when ANTs overrun an individual’s thoughts it can be extremely dangerous to their mental wellbeing.


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