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2015 Seasonally Non-Specific Clerkships

We know, right?  Too exciting for words.  The one you said you'd kill for.  As usual, we're not doing the summer thing because it's stoopid.  We're offering 3 clerkships of 6 weeks each, to happen whenever suits you some time between July and Christmas. Yes, paid.

Eligibility: anyone currently studying law, apart from first year students because we worry about their attention span.

Format: you were thinking we'd go social media again, weren't you.  Na-ah, digital is so 2014.  We will only accept applications this year by DIORAMA.  Look it up.

Application dioramas must be delivered to our office by close of business on Monday 13 April 2015. Please also email your cv, transcript and anything clever you wanted to say to  But really it's all about the diorama.  

Get crafty. 

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