Jan 2014

Does this describe you? We’ve broken down the results of our recent Australian Law Student Satisfaction Survey to create a profile of the typical Australian law student…

You’re a full-time student, but that doesn’t mean that study is all you have going on in your life at the moment. You’re also working part-time in a non-law job to earn some cash to see you through the year.

So far you’ve found your law school assessments quite challenging, but you’re generally satisfied with the quality of teaching at your law school. You do an average of 11-20 hours worth of study each week (sometimes a little bit less) and you visit the law library at least 6 times per semester.

While you sometimes wish you had a wider choice of elective subjects, you generally enjoy spending time on campus at your law school. You try not to skip too many lectures, but hey, nobody’s perfect. You probably skip about 1-5 lectures per semester and usually only when you have another commitment or because you can listen online. You occasionally take part in extra-curricular activities at your law school like clubs and legal competitions.

Your career is important to you and you often feel stressed about finding a relevant job after you graduate. There is a chance you might be able to make better use of the career support services available at your university, but sometimes you also wish that there was more support available.

Balancing all your commitments can be tough and you have a tendency to feel stressed while you’re at law school, usually because you’re juggling your studies with things like work and family or because of the effort you’re putting in trying to get good marks. You manage pretty well, but sometimes you feel overwhelmed as a result of your study workload.

While there are some things you would change, you’re generally pretty happy with you law school experience and you’re planning on working as a legal practitioner after you graduate. 

You can check out the full results of the ALSSS here


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